Aviana Publishing House was created in 2013 in the Black Sea city of Burgas. It aims to provide readers with original and translated literary works by contemporary authors and classics.

The publishing house seeks to publish books by the most popular and award-winning authors in Norway, Italy, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and others.

So far the highlight was the bestsellers of the most read and loved Norwegian writers Vigdis Hjorth and Roy Jacobsen, who have received all the literary awards in their home country and have been nominated for the Man Booker Prize, the prestigious literary award of the Northern Council and the International Dublin Literary Prize.

Among the books published by the publishing house you will notice:

- captivating historical novels;

- books inspired by the sea;

- works in which love, feelings and emotions are leading in the relationships;

- novels in which the main female characters have problems with their careers and love and seek their identity;

- several “magical realism” style titles.

Aviana Publishing House works with established translators from various languages, talented designers, editors and collaborators.


      Aviana Publishing House, Bourgas, Bulgaria

      email:  aviana_bg@yahoo.com; avianabg@mail.bg